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Calgary Home Tour 2024

The 2024 Eco-Solar Home Tour in Calgary is over for this year.

Thanks to all the homeowners and volunteers that made another successful tour possible! The addresses of the homes have been removed; however, the detailed site sheets will remain on this web page until we compile the homes of the 2025 tour sometime in February or March.

Here are pictures of the 2024 Calgary Tour.

If you have additional questions about energy efficient homes then we encourage you to call our sponsors and ask them about the information that they have available on energy efficient homes. Check out our sponsor's page for more details.

Couldn't visit on tour day?
See our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.
Click here to see pictures of the 2024 Calgary tour.

Calgary Day 1
Saturday 8 June 2024
Noon* to 5 pm
Calgary Day 2
Sunday 9 June 2024
Noon* to 5 pm
*Some Homes are open earlier.
See listings below.
*Some Homes are open earlier.
See listings below.
Site 1 1 Okotoks Retrofit

Old ranch house updated to NZE using the Larsen insulation detail and other envelope improvements. The home is now so efficient that they can get to NZE with electric resistance heat and only a 6.5 kW solar array.
Details of Site #1
Site 8 8 Bragg Creek NZR Home

This home shows that a stylish home can still be energy efficient. By using insulated concrete forms and efficient details throughout they have created a beautiful home in the foothills.
Details of Site #8
Site 2 2 Bridlewood Solar Home

This home is showing a building-intergrated 8.1 kW solar system on the garage that replaces the shingles. Also showing the effectiveness of an east-west sloped solar array and how it's production differs from a south-sloped array.
Details of Site #2
Site 9 9 Lake Bonavista NZE Retrofit

This 50-year-old house was renovated to reduce its heating load by 60%. Then they added solar, an air source heat pump, hybrid water heater, home energy monitoring and control and they have achieved NZE. And all without upgrading from their 100 amp electrical service!
Details of Site #9
Site 3 3

Unfortunately this home will not be ready in time for this year's tour. We hope to see them next year.
Site 10 10 City of Calgary Composting Facility

The City of Calgary would like to show you how they make compost in only 60 days. Come and see Canada's largest composting facility in SE Calgary. You can also see the 4 MW Shepard Landfill Solar Park at the same site.
Details of Site #10
Site 4 4 Southland Solar Home

This home shows the advantages of combining solar with an electric car. Using bi-facial solar modules on a pergola provides an attractive shady space. The output of the solar array helps to charge their EV and power their home.
Details of Site #4
Site 11 11 Ramsay Garage Suite

This net-positive garage suite has a well-insulated envelope and highly rated windows and doors. Add to that a solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system and this garage and suite produces more energy than it needs.
Details of Site #11
Site 5 5 Haysboro NZR Retrofit Home

These homeowners are doing a deep energy retrofit of a 1950's home while at the same time making additions. With the building envelope complete they should get to net-zero when they add their planned solar array.
Details of Site #5
Site 12 12 Montgomery Passive House

This home was one of the first to meet Passive House requirements in Calgary. See the 5 principles of Passive House demonstrated. Passive heat gain from south-facing windows, air source heat pump, and 13.2 kW of solar combine to make this home NNZ.
Details of Site #12
Site 6 6 Huntington Retrofit Home

Deep energy retrofit of a 1969 home. Significant improvements to the building envelope including insulating the walls, basement, and roof. Added continuous air barrier, air source heat pumps (2) and hybrid water heater. Solar installation is planned and this home may be NZE by tour day.
Details of Site #6
Site 14 13 Highwood NZE Retrofit Home

This home used a Larsen insulation detail to add significant insulation to the home's exterior. Going all-electric, adding heat pumps, and adding solar have brought this home to net-zero. The garage has been converted into an art studio and they added a legal basement suite.
Details of Site #13
Site 7 07 Macewan NZE Retrofit Home

By updating the insulation, doors and windows and then adding a solar array this home has offset all of its annual energy needs. This home was one of the first to show that NZE can be accomplished as a retrofit.
Details of Site #7
Site 15 14 Summerhill NZE Geothermal Home

A 1980's home upgraded to NZE with minimal construction using aerosol sealant, geothermal heating, and a large 19.1 kW solar array.
Details of Site #14
  Site 15 15 Windsong NZE Geothermal Home

This home shows that you can achieve net-zero in a regular home with minimal disruption. They used an aerosol sealant to plug the leaks and then added geothermal heating and solar to get to NZE.
Details of Site #15