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June 9

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The Homes of the Calgary
2019 Eco-Solar Home Tour

This year we have added Calgary homes to our tour. We are pleased to be able to present 11 energy efficient homes to tour in Calgary this year. We hope this will be the start of many Calgary tours in the years to come.

On this year's Calgary tour we have solar homes, retrofits, a Passive House, a home with its own gas-fired electricity generator (CHP), and homes with electric cars. Come out and see the newest ideas in energy efficiency. There are homes on display all over Calgary, come and see the ones near you.

You don't want to miss the Calgary Eco-Solar Home Tour!

Note that the addresses of private homes are not listed on the web site until one month before the tour in early May. At that time we will post the addresses of each home and a map showing how to get there.

9 June 2019
Noon to 4:30pm

Site 1 1 Ramsay Garage Suite

Details of Site #1
This net-positive garage suite has a well-insulated envelope and highly rated windows and doors. Add to that a solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system and this garage and suite produces more energy than it needs.
Site 2 2 Huntington Hills Solar

Details of Site #2
This home will be showcasing a new solar racking system that integrates into the roof structure of a garage or other building. See this racking system on two sheds as well as the other solar thermal system in the home.

Site 3 3 Macewan NZE Retrofit

Details of Site #3
By updating the insulation, doors and windows and then adding a solar array this home has offset all of its annual energy needs. This home demonstrates that NZE can be accomplished as a retrofit.
Site 4 4 Symons Gate Passive House

Details of Site #4
This show home is a pilot to show how high-efficiency homes can be built. This home is so efficient that it doesn't have a furnace.
Site 5 5 Rocky Ridge NZE

Details of Site #5
This is a very attractive NZE home in the Ecohaven community in Rocky Ridge. Featuring 60% passive solar gain, rainwater harvesting, and drought resistant landscaping.
Site 6 6 Rocky Ridge CHP

Details of Site #6
This home uses a small gas-fired generator that makes its own electricity. Called Combined Heat and Power (CHP) these units produce electricity whenever heat is needed in the home.
Site 7 7 Wildwood Retrofit Home

Details of Site #7
This homeowner took a 1950's era bungalow and did a significant upgrade. After adding insulation to both the inside and outside of the existing walls the homeowner added solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems. Come and see the beehive in the front yard.
Site 8 8 Altadore NZE Home

Details of Site #8
This LEED Platinum home generates as much energy in a year as it uses making it NZE. This home also features a rainwater reuse system that uses captured rainwater for flushing toilets and doing laundry.
Site 9 9 Crescent Heights Solar

Details of Site #9
The tour of this 1930's era house will be in the garage which has a solar roof and a Tesla. There will also be other electric cars on hand that can be taken for a test drive.
Site 10 10 SAIT Green Building Technologies Lab

Details of Site #10
The SAIT GBT Lab is a place where industry can test various energy efficiency technologies on a NZE building while providing hands-on teaching for students. Solar, insulation, green roofs, living walls, rainwater collection, and many other technologies will be demonstrated.
Site 11 11 Forest Lawn Retrofit

Details of Site #11
The focus of this retrofit home is growing food. This home features permaculture gardens, an outdoor kitchen, a 4-season greenhouse, rainwater harvesting, and a food forest.