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Calgary Homes
Jun 12&13

The Eco-Solar Home Tour

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Calgary Virtual Home Tour

This year we are holding a virtual tour. You will find the zoom link on our home page on tour day. Each home will be featured for 40 minutes. There will be a short presentation on the home followed by a question period with the homeowners. The times for the homes are listed in the table below. If there is a particular home you would like to see you will need to tune in during the time shown for the home.

Saturday June 12
noon until 3:40 pm

Sunday June 13
noon until 3:40 pm

Site 1 1 Airdrie NNZ
12:20 to 1:00 Jun 12
Details of Site #1
An near net zero energy-efficient home with a 10.5 kW solar array, an electric car, and lots of other features.

                  Video Interview

Site 6 6 Huntington Hills Solar
12:20 to 1:00 Jun 13
Details of Site #6
This home will be showcasing a new solar racking system that integrates into the roof structure of a garage or other building. See this racking system on two sheds as well as the other solar thermal system in the home.
                  Video Interview
Site 2 2 Balmoral NZE

1:00 to 1:40 Jun 12
Details of Site #2
This home features a double-stud wall construction that is energy efficient but not overly expensive. Interesting details in a multi-family home with secondary suite.
                  Video Tour

Site 7 7 Montgomery NNZ
1:00 to 1:40 Jun 13
Details of Site #7
This home shows how making choices can have a lasting effect on your sustainability. Your choice about the direction that the home is pointed, the size and structure of the house, and how you live in the house all have an effect.
Site 3 3 Inglewood Retrofit
1:40 to 2:20 Jun 12
Details of Site #3
Don't tear down your old home, do a retrofit. This 70-year old home was updated with external insulation and all new windows and doors.
                  Video Interview
Site 8 8 Montgomery Passive House
1:40 to 2:20 Jun 13
Details of Site #8
This was one of the first homes in Calgary to be built to the Passive House standard. It combines passive house design, solar generation, rainwater harvesting and permaculture.
                  Video Interview
Site 4 4 Killarney Electric Vehicles
2:20 to 3:00 Jun 12
Details of Site #4
It's open house down at the electric vehicle shop. Not only can you see examples of electric vehicles but also a space where they do electric conversions on existing vehicles.
                  Video Interview
Site 9 9 Ramsay Garage Suite
2:20 to 3:00 Jun 13
Details of Site #9
Behind this home is a net-positive garage suite that features a well-insulated envelope and highly rated windows and doors. Add to that a solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system and the garage suite produces more energy than it needs.
                  Video Interview
Site 5 5 Richmond NZR
3:00 to 3:40 Jun 12
Details of Site #5
Beautiful net zero ready home with long term design features and low maintenance. Attractive landscaping with a water feature, xeriscaping, and green roof on the garage.
                  Video Tour
Site 10 10 Southland Solar and EV
3:00 to 3:40 Jun 13
Details of Site #10
This home shows the synergies between an electric vehicle and solar with a garage-mounted solar array that feeds the house, the garage, and the electric vehicle charger.
                  Video Interview