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Calgary Home Tour Pictures 2024

This page has pictures of the 2024 Calgary home tour. There are five pictures per home.
Scroll down to see the pictures from each home. It may take a moment for pictures to load.
Details of these homes will be on the Calgary page until February 2025.

Here are the links to the 2024 Edmonton tour pictures.

We also encourage you to view our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

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Site 1 Okotoks NZE Retrofit

1a This old farmhouse was given an update all the way to Net-Zero
1b A complete retrofit to a modern home while maintaining some of the home's original character.
1c Cory, the homeowner, explains the mechanical systems.
1d By adding substantial insulation to the roof they were able to open up the interior of the ceiling.
1e View of the rear of the home. There is a small extension here that will be developed into a summer kitchen.

Site 2 Bridlewood Solar Home

2a This home was demonstrating a new solar racking system installed on the garage.
2b Here is the garage with the building-integrated solar system on the east and west facing roofs.
2c A cutaway of the system showing how the solar module attaches to the racking.
2d A detail of the plastic racking panel showing the drainage and ventillation channels.
2e The combination of the solar modules and this racking are waterproof and eliminate the need for shingles in the solar area.

Site 3 Not Available

Site 4 Southland Solar

4a This home is showing the benefits of solar and electric vehicles.
4b The solar array in on a pergola which is on top of the garage.
4c These bi-facial solar modules are translucent which allows light to reach the deck.
4d The homeowner discusses electric vehicles in the garage.
4e The garage is set into the hill with the deck and pergola on top.

Site 5 Haysboro NZR Retrofit

5a This home received a major makeover and energy efficiency improvements.
5b The homeowner explains the air source heat pump that was added.
5c This air source heat pump will provide all the heating and cooling needed for this home.
5d A view of the new window wells. They will add plants to the levels.
5e They are also developing a large garden in the back yard.

Site 6 Huntington NZE Retrofit Home

6a This home underwent a significant retrofit to get to NZE.
6b The solar was added just before the tour to get the home to NZE.
The homeowner explains the mechanical systems.
6d They do not have much space in the back but have still developed a garden.
6e A view of the back of the home with a solar array on the extension.

Site 7 Macewan NZE Retrofit Home

7a The first NZE certified retrofit in Canada.
7b An example of how you electrify everything when you go net-zero.
7c The large solar garage helps the home achieve NZE.
7d The homeowner (also the builder) explains the home.
7e The home featured a new electric pickup truck.

Site 8 Bragg Creek NZR Home

Spacious estate home in the hills above Bragg Creek.
8b Terrific open space main room.
8c Kitchen area is part of the main room.
8d Ready for a long soak!
8e The home has two air source heat pumps that feed into an hydronic heating system.

Site 9 Lake Bonavista NZE Retrofit

9a This 50-year-old home was upgraded all the way to NZE.
9b The homeowner gives a demonstration of the energy monitoring system using a toaster in the kitchen.
9c The homeowners invited us in to see the inside of their home.
9d They upgraded their electrical panel to a 200-amp panel but still just have a 100-amp service. A lockout switch (bottom left) prevents too many large loads from working at the same time.
9e With very little space in this split level they used a horizontal air handler in the low ceiling basement.

Site 10 City of Calgary Composting Facility

The City of Calgary provided a presentation on how composting works at their Sheppard facility.
You can see more at their web site here:
The Calgary Composting Facility



Site 11 Ramsay Garage Suite

11a This garage suite demonstrates both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems.
11b The solar installers were on hand to describe the systems.
11c A model of the solar thermal system used on this home.
11d The storage tanks of the solar thermal system. These tanks provide both heating and hot water.
11e A view from the other side of the garage suite.

Site 12 Montgomery Passive House

12a This home demonstrates energy-efficient passive house principles.
12b The homeowners welcomed us to see inside the home. The high ceilings and sleeping loft above.
12c Part of the design is passive solar gain with concrete floors and south facing windows.
12d Their heat recovery ventilator is mounted onto the bottom of the staircase.
12e View from the back shows the overhangs needed for passive solar and their solar array.

Site 13 Highwood NZE Retrofit

13a This home was renovated to achieve NZE.
13b One of the features is a ceramic studio in 1/2 of the garage.
13c The garage also has a solar array.
13d Part of the renovation was to open up the living spaces and walls were removed to connect the kitchen and the living room.
13e The corrugated metal used for siding is very distinct. The cedar wood inset sections were from siding reclaimed during the renovation.

Site 14 Summerhill NZE Geothermal Home

14a The home achieved NZE with the help of a new geothermal heating system.
14b Their air source heat pump water heater is vented to the outside so that the cool output does not chill the house.
14c Their new ground source heat pump (geothermal unit).
14d Their solar array is on both the house and the garage.
14e A view of the back of the home.

Site 15 Windsong NZE Geothermal Home

15a This home achieved NZE with the use of geothermal and an aerosol sealing method.
15b They were also showing their electric vehicle and charging setup.
15c The homeowner had created a series of videos showing how the home was developed.
15d Washer/Dryer combination. The dryer is an air source heat pump unit with no outside ducting.
15e The backyard was where the geothermal boreholes were placed.

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