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Edmonton Home Tour Pictures 2024

This page has pictures of the 2024 Edmonton home tour. There are five pictures per home.
Scroll down to see the pictures from each home. It may take a moment for pictures to load.
Details of these homes will be on the Edmonton page until February 2025.

Here are the links to the 2024 Calgary tour pictures.

We also encourage you to view our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

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Site 1 Keswick NZE Home

1a This large new home overlooking the river is fully NZE.
1b Set up as a show home it had just been sold prior to the tour.
1c Interesting multi-level home with openings to the upper levels.
1d The home has three stories plus a full basement.
1e An elevator goes to all levels including the garage.

Site 2 Langdale NZE Home

2a A NZE home in a SW subdivision.
2b The homeowners welcomed us to see the inside of the home.
2c Here we see the air source heat pump heating unit, water heater, and drain water heat recovery coil.
2d The homeowners are working on developing their garden for maximum food production.
2e This home shows that NZE can be done on a typical new home.

Site 3 Strathcona Geothermal Building

3a This building has a large 248 kW solar array including these vertical modules on the south facing wall.
3b They had stations where people explained the features of the building. Here is a demo unit on geothermal.
3c The geothermal boreholes are in the parking lot. These signs identify their locations.
3d There are 15 geothermal ground source heat pumps in this building. Here we can see a compressor and a heat exchanger.
3e The geothermal specialists were on hand to explain the system.

Site 4 Brookside NNZ Retrofit Homs

4a This home underwent a deep energy retrofit where the home was wrapped with new insulated panels.
4b A feature of this home is the extensive garden in the front.
4c The homeowners and technical specialists were on hand to describe the home.
4d Here a specialist describes the air source heat pump.
4e The food forest garden in front of the home.

Site 5 Queen Alex NZR Retrofit

5a This home underwent a deep energy retrofit where the home was wrapped with new insulated panels.
5b The homeowners have rabbits in the front yard to keep the grass short.
5c One of the "lawn mowers."
5d Two air source heat pumps. One for the main level, and one for the basement suite.
5e This home is net-zero ready. When solar is added later they will be able to get to NZE.

Site 6 Sundance Retrofit Townhomes

6a Sundance was the first to try the panelized deep energy retrofit.
6b Each unit was electrified with air source heat pumps and water heat.
6c Peter explains how the homes were renovated.
6d Solar was added to all the townhomes (inverters shown here) however there is not quite enough roof space to get to NZE.
6e They are just finishing the last of the 59 townhomes in this multi-year project.

Site 7 Highlands NZE Retrofit Home

7a The first single-family home with the panelized retrofit.
7b They added a lovely front porch as part of their retrofit.
7c An air source heat pump was added for heating and cooling.
7d Jim shows some of the details in the mechanical room.
7e A lovely retrofit of an older home to bring it to NZE.

Site 8 Beverly Height NZE Home

8a Over the past 18 years these homeowners have been working on their home and have achieved NZE.
8b A large solar array on the garage helps get the home to net-zero.
The homeowner explains the mechanical systems.
8d A radon removal system was installed.
8e A good example of an update to an older home.

Site 9 Sturgeon County Retrofit

9a These homeowners rebuilt their home on the foundations of their old home.
9b The home is on an acreage west of Edmonton with lots of space for developing a garden.
9c The new home is a much more open concept than their previous home.
9d They added an air source heat pump that connects to hydronic heating.
9e They are working on the finishing of the home and hope to be done soon.

Site 10 St Albert NZE Retrofit Home

10a This home features geothermal heating and a new type of window.
10b A technical specialist in the garage with a working model of a geothermal system.
10c One of the features was 6-layer windows with an amazing R-value of 17.
10d The geothermal ground source heat pump in the mechanical room.
10e An example of a larger home that was upgraded to net-zero.

Site 11 Prince Charles Retrofit Home

11a This home added significant insulation to the exterior of the home.
11b The homeowner explains their journey and shows some pictures.
11c An extension was added to the back of the home.
11d They added a radon removal system.
11e As part of the renovation they re-shaped the roof line to increase the second floor space.

Site 12 Blatchford Energy Centre

12a This geothermal facility provides warm water in a district heating system to the homes in the Blatchford community.
12b Here is one of the heat pumps. These upgrade the temperature of water that is circulated to the homes.
12c The City of Edmonton was on hand to explain their Change for Climate initiatives.
12d There are 570 boreholes under this storm pond that provide the source for the heat pumps.
12e This is the first energy centre, a second energy centre will be developed as the community expands.

Site 13 Blatchford NZE Home (1)

13a One of the first set of NZE townhomes developed in the Blatchford commmunity.
13b These homes connect to the district heating system. Here is the connection inside the home.
13c Volunteers were on hand to describe the home.
13d A view of the back of the townhomes.
13e The corner units also have garage suites above the detached garages.

Site 14 Blatchford NZE Home (2)

14a This builder has developed NZE townhomes in the Blatchford commmunity.
14b This show home was open during the tour.
14c A bright, open space home.
14d Some of the details of the show home.
14e A view of the back of the homes.

Site 15 Not Available

Site 16 Thorncliffe Straw Bale Addition

16a This older home featured an addition built with straw bale insulation.
16b The homeowners and builders were on hand to describe the home.
16c You can see the thicker walls in this addition.
16d They had an air source heat pump hot water system that provided some heating to a portion of the home.
16e They also had a solar array on the garage.

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