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Lethbridge Home Tour 2023

The 2023 Eco-Solar Home Tour in Lethbridge is over for this year.

Thanks to all the homeowners and volunteers that made another successful tour possible! The addresses of the homes have been removed; however, the detailed site sheets will remain on this web page until we compile the homes of the 2024 tour sometime in February or March.

Here are pictures of the 2023 Lethbridge Tour.

If you have additional questions about energy efficient homes then we encourage you to call our sponsors and ask them about the information that they have available on energy efficient homes. Check out of sponsor's page for more details.

This year we had 5 homes and 3 sites in Stirling sign up in the Lethbridge area. We will leave the write-ups here until we get the homes for the 2024 tour set up some time around March of 2024.

Couldn't visit on tour day?
See our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.
Click here to see pictures of the 2022 Lethbridge tour.

Pictures of the 2023 tour will be posted when ready.

Lethbridge Tour Day
Saturday 17 June 2023
Noon to 5pm*
*Some Homes are open earlier. See listings below.
Site 1 1 The Village of Stirling     Open early at 10 am
Ground Mount Solar Array
Stirling Community Centre
Village Pool
The Village of Stirling is the first net-zero (electric) village in Canada where they produce enough solar energy to cancel their annual electric bill. There are three sites to see in Stirling where you can see ground-mount and roof-top solar, as well as efficiency upgrades to municipal buildings. Come and see how an entire village can benefit from renewable energy.
Details of Site #1  
Site 2 2 Lethbridge County NZE Home     Open early at 10 am

This is an impressive home that is fully net zero (NZE) pulling heat from a pond with a ground source heat pump and with enough solar to offset their annual energy needs. This year they have a unique new german electric car to show in an impressive garage "man-cave."
Details of Site #2  
Site 3 3 Agnes Davidson Retrofit Home

Here is a great example of what can be done with an older home. This 63-year-old home has been updated with added insulation, windows, doors, a heat pump, and solar to create a comfortable and efficient home. Come and see how a retrofit could work on your own home.
Details of Site #3  
Site 4 4 The Crossings NZE(1) Home

The most interesting aspect of this net-zero (NZE) home is that is cost no more to build than a regular code-built home. It is built with traditional building materials but with choices that increased the insulation, added passive solar features, and drastically reduced the energy needed to run the home. This home requires so little added heat that they were able to heat with inexpensive baseboard heaters and still achieve net-zero.
Details of Site #4
Site 5 5 The Crossings NZE(2) Home

The first thing you notice about this home is the wall of solar modules that face south to catch the winter sun. This is a very efficient home with large windows for passive solar gain, a rooftop deck, and a simplified heating system that uses baseboard heaters. Designed for a multigenerational family living and with a garage suite as an income property.
Details of Site #5
Site 6 6 The Crossings NZE(3) Home

This is the newest net-zero home on the block, both energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. This home has significant insulation and will use a geothermal ground source heat pump for heating and cooling. This new home should be finishing construction around the time of the tour.
Details of Site #6