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The Eco-Solar Home Tour

The Eco-Solar Home Tour Society of Alberta

Our information table at the Strathcona Farmer's Market in Edmonton The Eco-Solar Tour Society of Alberta organizes free open house style tours of homes and businesses that display practical and timely examples of sustainability including: renewable energy (solar, wind, and geothermal), energy security, energy efficiency, water efficiency, low emission technologies and natural landscaping. Through our tours the public can experience how homes and businesses are reducing their utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

The Eco-Solar Tour is organized by a group of volunteers who have a passion for the environment and sustainability. Through the tour they are able to share this passion and educate and encourage others to consider the sustainable choices in new technologies and building practices. In 2003 we incorporated ourselves as the non-profit Eco-Solar Home Tour Society of Alberta.

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Who Should Attend?

The tour is open to everyone and anyone looking to see examples of energy efficiency innovation in practice.

How to contact us?

As we are all volunteers, the best way to contact us is by e-mail at

Our Mission

The tour informs and encourages home and business owners to make knowledgeable decisions from among the numerous choices in new technologies and building practices. The tour includes homes and businesses that demonstrate a variety of approaches to energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable building practices and renewable energy.

Terms of Reference

The Eco-Solar Home Tour is a pro-active annual tour that:

1. Illustrates a wide variety of choices for improved and sustainable technologies, materials and building practices available in the housing and building market today.

2. Provides practical examples, through open house tours, of choices that have been successfully integrated into homes and buildings.

3. Demonstrates a range of approaches that go beyond traditional solutions, which challenge home and building owners to consider new and innovative approaches that reduce: energy consumption, embodied energy, water consumption, material consumption, and lifestyle impacts on the environment.

4. Encourages the large-scale adoption of these practical solutions in homes and businesses within our communities.

5. Celebrates the successes of home and business owners who are demonstrating vision.

6. Encourages other communities to adopt this initiative to help their residents realize these possibilities and make better choices.


  • The Eco-Solar Home Tour
    • Audience: The general public of Edmonton, Calgary, Canmore, Lethbridge, and surrounding regions
    • Focus: Technologies that can help people reduce their environmental impact

  • The Eco-Solar Tour of Energy Efficient Buildings
    We sometimes feature buildings when they show leadership in energy-efficiency
    • Audience: Owners, designers, contractors and equipment suppliers
    • Focus: Technologies that reduce the life cycle costs of commercial buildings


Funding for the Eco-Solar Home Tour is accepted from people and organizations that agree with this vision, mission and terms of reference. No other environmental, social, or commercially competitive issues will limit or restrict the participation of organizations. The focus and efforts of these tours will solely be directed towards the illustration, demonstration and encouragement of better technologies, materials and building practices.