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The Eco-Solar Home Tour

Call for Sponsors

We are calling for sponsors for the 2024 Eco-Solar Home Tour for Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge. Download Call4Sponsors2024.docx for details. If you are interested in sponsoring our tour then please email us here:

Sponsorship Details

What does sponsorship cost?

Bronze sponsorships are $600, Silver sponsorships are $1200, and Gold sponsorships are $2400. The Gold and Silver sponsorships will be listed first in all promotions followed by the basic sponsorships in the order in which they were received. Sponsorships are by City. If you sponsor more than one City the second sponsorship is 50% off.

What do we get for sponsoring?

Each sponsor will have their name and company logo featured on the Eco-Solar Tour promotional materials for this year's tour by City. Sponsor logos will appear on our web site and on the site sheets for the respective cities for the homes and buildings on the tour. See additional details below.

How else can we support the Tour?

We encourage all participants and sponsors to promote the tour in any way they can. We would encourage builders and businesses on the tour to include the tour in their advertisements and promotions leading up to the tour. We can provide copies of our logo to interested builders, equipment suppliers, and businesses.

We would also like to encourage you to include the Eco-Solar Tour in any associations that you belong to such as business or community organizations.

Who do I contact to Sponsor the Tour?

Contact Andrew Mills


We would really like for you to sponsor the Eco-Solar Tours. Here are the points of participation.

  • The Ecosolar.ca web site is where all sponsors will be displayed. Sponsor displays are on each web page and then again on each site sheet (by City).

  • We prepare a write-up for each sponsor on our sponsor's page to highlight the activities that they bring to the energy efficient building industry.

  • At each site on the tour we prepare a binder with the site sheets for that City's tour. The site sheets display the city sponsors on the left of each page.

  • Sponsor posters are prepared and given to each site to display.

  • All of our efforts at promotion are aimed at bringing people to our web site so that they can see the content of the tour and see the sponsors. Some of these additional promotions include:

    • Association promotions through local green building associations and a number of other alternative energy newsletters and web sites.

    • Editorial promotion through articles to the local papers. We will do press releases to support the overall tour with articles and write-ups.

    • Farmer's Markets and trade shows. We set up information booths at some trade shows and Farmer's markets. Site sheets and posters featuring sponsors will be on display each time we do a trade show.

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors!

Calgary: City of Calgary, 4 Elements, Solar Club, Skyfire Energy, Camrose Energy, Ridge Utilities, Solar Alberta.
Edmonton: Epcor, City of Edmonton, Butterwick, Skyfire Energy, Camrose Energy, Rosecrest, Effect, Solar Alberta, Unitarian Church.
Lethbridge: Energy Smart, VALBUILT, Solar Club, Camrose Energy, Greener Homes, Ridge Utilities.

Gold Sponsors

Epcor is the electrical distribution company for the City of Edmonton - we work with customers, consultants, and installers to connect new solar micro-generation systems throughout the City. EPCOR also employs a 124.4kW solar micro-generation system at its Hugh J. Bolton Service Centre.  




City of Edmonton Change for Climate is an initiative from the City of Edmonton that calls on all Edmontonians to come together to take action on climate change and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Discover the best ways to take action by visiting changeforclimate.ca and join the movement.  




City of CalgaryThe City of Calgary's Climate Program offers resources for Calgarians to learn how climate change is impacting our city, what The City is doing to prepare and respond, and how Calgarians can take action today. Central to the Climate Program is the Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050, which builds on the previous strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and adapt to our changing climate at an accelerated pace and scale. The Climate Ready Home Guide informs choices you can make during a renovation or construction project, or to your home maintenance regime to make your home more resilient to hazards that are becoming worse because of climate change. Additionally, check out the new Residential Solar Calculator, a tool intended to help determine the viability of adding solar photovoltaic panels as an alternative energy source to single-family homes in Calgary.


Silver Sponsors

4Elements Modern home construction has changed substantially in recent years and, with it, expectations for elements such as energy efficiency, quiet operation, clean, fresh indoor air, and sustainable fixtures and finishes. Educated home buyers are increasingly demanding more from their homes and their builders. With our team's experience in architectural design and with 10 years of consulting with Alberta's biggest builders, 4 Elements is uniquely qualified to provide consultation, support, education, and verification for today's high performance sustainable homes.

Established in January 2001, Energy Smart Canada was created to educate the public on renewable energy options and to help people achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Since that first year, our team at Energy Smart have worked with thousands of Southern Albertans to install energy saving systems that not only fit their budgets - but their lifestyles, too. We offer a range of alternative energy solutions including solar PV, geothermal, as well as a variety of cutting edge water and energy saving products.

Butterwick GroupThe Butterwick Group is an Edmonton based builder and renovator offering integrated design and construction management services. Our team members have played key roles in many foundational high performance building projects in Alberta. This broad experience enables us to deliver high quality, healthy, comfortable, near zero emissions buildings with minimal environmental impact and the lowest long term cost of ownership.

Bronze Sponsors

VALBUILT is a construction company specializing in net-zero/net-zero ready residential and small commercial properties. We offer a professional and personalized service to people interested in high quality new builds or renovations in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.



The Solar Club is a unique program designed specifically to help small solar micro-generators in Alberta earn a premium on their solar electricity. Members of the club receive access to exclusive electricity rates, can switch between a high export rate and a low export rate at any time to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations, earn cash back on all energy imported from the grid, and more. In aggregate, Solar Club Members received a combined value of $5 million from the cash back program, free RECs, and exports back to the grid for 2022! The Solar Club is offered by a number of local Energy Marketers in the UTILITYnet network. Learn more about the benefits of the club and find an Energy Marketer near you at www.solarclub.ca.

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.SkyFire Energy is Western Canada's leading and most trusted solar contractor, installing over 80 MW of solar capacity since 2001. We are employee-owners and care about the service and quality that we deliver to each customer. Our team is composed of experts in solar, storage and EV and have proudly been serving Western Canada for over 20 years. The depth of our experience comes from the 4,000+ grid tied solar PV systems we have designed and installed, ensuring each project is built to the highest standards. SkyFire Energy is a Certified B Corporation, a member of the exclusive Amicus solar co-operative and a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.


Camrose Energy's Solar Club offers you a premium on your electricity that you feed into the grid. You are able to toggle between High (28.5 cents/kWh) and Low (10.875 cents/kWh)season export rates. If you have a Microgen site and seasonally export more than you use the Solar Club is for you. You will receive 2% cash back on all electricity you import from the grid. Another bonus is that we will green 50% of the electricity you use from the grid at no cost to you. All this for a donation to your local food bank. Camrose Energy also has our Solar Synergy option to our Community Partner Program. We donate 10% of our energy revenue to our Community Partners. You choose which partner resonates with you and the amount from your home or business goes there. The Solar Synergy option permits you to donate 10% of the profits from your home or business toward a fund we have established to help put solar on the roofs of not for profits. This is option is for all our customer with or without solar systems.

Greener Homes has been setting the standard for comfortable, energy efficient homes in Lethbridge and area since 2010 and being 10-consecutive-year winner of the Energy Efficient, Housing awards along with Built Green Platinum, alongside multiple Provincial awards, Greener Homes prides itself in using high-performance products and fine craftsmanship to deliver you a healthier, more comfortable living environment. Our clients understand they spend a lot of time in their homes, and they work with us to make sure that time is spent well in a home that fosters their health, increases their comfort, and increases their savings. From new homes to renovations and retrofits, we're here to help you Green your home, no matter what Green means to you. Your Dream Home... Only Greener.

Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.All Rosecrest Homes are certified as 'Built Green'. Rosecrest Homes is a certified member of the Net Zero Association of the CHBA, and a certified 'Master Builder'. Rosecrest's designs have been recognized as 'Outstanding' for modest family homes as well as estate homes. Rosecrest Homes builds 4-8 homes per year maximizing quality and attention to detail. As true custom builders, there is total flexibility to accommodate customer's needs and wants.

Ridge Utilities is an energy marketer owned by the Village of Stirling that provides electricty, natural gas, and green generated power anywhere in Alberta. The Solar Club available from Ridge Utilities offers you an opportunity to maximize your return on investment in solar. You are able to easily toggle between a premium High (28.50 cents/kWh) and Low (10.85 cents/kWh) season export rates for the energy your generate. You will receive 2% cash back on all electricity you import from the grid. Another bonus is that we will green 50% of the electricity you use from the grid at no cost to you. We also offer options for monetizing the carbon offsets your system earns. Ridge Utilities is community-owned which means our profits are reinvested back into the places where our customers live.

Effect Home Builders -At Effect, we build it better, but what does that mean for your home? Better materials. Better structure. Better insulation. Better airtightness. It means the no-compromise, fully customized home that you deserve. We bring our expertise and knowledge to each project and work closely with you to optimize what your location has to offer and consider your needs first and foremost. Then we use thoughtful design and careful use of materials to guarantee long-term durability and functionality.

In-Kind Sponsors

SESA is your resource for solar energy in Alberta.Formed in 1991, Solar Alberta is a not-for-profit society that works to accelerate Alberta's transition to a just and sustainable energy future by advocating, educating, and serving as an industry and community hub for solar energy. Our membership is made up of over 350 individuals and businesses from all over the province.


We respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a partThe Eco-Solar Home Tour thanks the Unitarian Church of Edmonton for providing meeting and storage space. The Unitarian Church of Edmonton is a liberal religious, multi-generational congregation: We celebrate a rich mosaic of free-thinking, spiritually-questing individuals joined in common support and action. We welcome diversity, pursue the common good, and work for justice. We believe in the compassion of the individual heart, the warmth of community, and the search for meaning in our lives.