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Canmore Home Tour 2022

Click here to see pictures of the 2022 Canmore tour.

The 2022 Eco-Solar Home Tour in Canmore is over for this year.

Thanks to all the homeowners and volunteers that made this tour successful! The addresses of the homes have been removed; however, the detailed site sheets will remain on this web page until we compile the homes of the 2023 tour sometime in February or March.

If you have additional questions about energy efficient homes then we encourage you to call our sponsors and ask them about the information that they have available on energy efficient homes. Check out our sponsor's page for more details. This year we had 7 homes sign up in the Canmore area. We will leave the write-ups here until we get the homes for the 2023 tour set up some time around March of 2023.

Can't visit on tour day? See our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

Canmore Tour Day
Saturday 25 June 2022
Noon to 5pm
Site 1 1 Larch Deep Energy Retrofit Home
This home is an example of a deep energy retrofit using the Larssen Truss insulation technique to wrap an existing home. THe home also features a geothermal heat pump heating and cooling system and grid-tied solar.
Details of Site #1  
Site 2 2 Fairholme NNZ Home
This NNZ home was not available on the 2022 tour day, we hope to see ths home on the tour in 2023.
Details of Site #2
Site 3 3 Fairholme Laneway Home
This 600 ft2 garage suite is an example of providing more living space without taking up more land. This bright, south facing suite, is on top of a 2-car garage and is designed with Passive House principles. The suite incorporates an exterior wrap of a special wood fibre insulation to prevent thermal bridging.
Details of Site #3
Site 4 4 Solar Church
This site is an example of how a significant solar system can be added to a heritage building. This is a community solar project where the church provides space to a solar provider. The members of the church will demonstrate community solar and show how they have been working at improving their energy efficiency.
Details of Site #4
Site 5 5 eBike Charging Kiosk
This is an example of a pop-up kiosk that can be placed anywhere to rent electric bicycles. The kiosk is made from a repurposed shipping container and has its own independent solar and battery system. This kiosk is designed to provide charging for up to 40 eBikes and to help make transportation and tourism a bit more sustainable.
Details of Site #5  
Site 6 6 Avens Solar Home
This home has a grid tied solar array that is tied into a unique heating system. The twin-source heating system using solar help provide space and water heating when available.
Details of Site #6  
Site 7 7 Eagle Terrace Solar Home
This home will demonstrate how grid-tied solar can be added to an existing home. The homeowners also will be showing their recent eBike and electric car.
Details of Site #7