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The City sponsors the Eco-Solar Tour as part of their Change for Climate.
Change for Climate


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A De Waal home is a home for life.
De Waal Developments

Butterwick Group
Butterwick Group


Landmark Homes.
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Habitat-Studio built the first net zero homes in Edmonton and has been part of the Eco-Solar tour for 16 years.
Habitat Studio

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Rosecrest has been building energy efficient homes in Edmonton for over 30 years.
Rosecrest Homes

Skyfire has installed some of the largest and most complex photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.
Skyfire Energy

Your Power, Our Future.
Effect Homes

Your Power, Our Future.
Solar Society of Alberta

Thanks to UCE for meeting and storage space.
Unitarian Church of Edm

The Homes of the Edmonton
2019 Eco-Solar Home Tour

This year we have 24 homes to see in the Edmonton area. Retrofits seem to be the big thing this year with four homes that have undergone significant retrofits; taking an older home and bringing it up to new standards. We have five new NZE homes to see this year as well as two off-grid homes (one in the City!) and two straw-bale homes. There is also lots of solar and two homes with their own gas fired generators (CHP). There will also be electric cars at the Cloverdale Community League and the Epcor Service Centre will be showing their large solar array and answering your questions about getting solar on your home in Edmonton.

You don't want to miss this year's tour!

Pictures from last year's 2018 Tour

Note that the addresses of private homes are not listed on the web site until one month before the tour in early May. At that time we will post the addresses of each home and a map showing how to get there.

1 June 2019
Noon* to 4:30pm

2 June 2019
Noon* to 4:30 pm

* Some homes are open earlier, see below  
Site 1 1 Epcor North Service Centre

Details of Site #1
Come and meet the Epcor team that reviews and approves solar projects on homes in Edmonton and see the 124 kW solar system on their parkade.

Site 13 13 Frazer NZE Home

Details of Site #13
This large NZE home is situated on the river valley with a great view. Beautifully finished and includes a Tesla car and charging station.
Site 2 2 Glenora EE Home

Details of Site #2
Very attractive home with many energy efficient details and as much solar as they could fit onto the multi level roof.

Site 14 14 Highlands Solar

Details of Site #14
Adding solar to an existing home can sometimes be a challenge. This homeowner put some of his new solar modules on a north facing roof. Come and see how these north facing modules are producing more electricity than expected.
Site 3 3 W Jasper Place EE Home

Details of Site #3
A huge solar system with 99 solar panels that provides the power for three generations of family under the same roof.
Site 15 15 Cromdale Retrofit

Details of Site #15
This house was originally built in 1936 and has been significantly updated. There is also enough solar to offset all their annual usage.
Site 4 4 Belgravia NZE

Details of Site #4
A full-size family home that achieves NZE levels without compromising on the design.
Site 16 16 Sundance Retrofit

Details of Site #16
An interesing new technology where a laser scan is taken of the exterior and then new prefabricated insulated panels are added. Will be showing the first two upgraded units at the Sundance Coop.
Site 5 5 Queen Alex EE Home

Details of Site #5
This home is built from steel shipping containers in a factory and then assembled on site.
Site 17 17 Cloverdale Solar Home

Details of Site #17
Thoughtful upgrades to an older home in Cloverdale capped off with a large solar system.
Site 6 6 Ritchie Retrofit

Details of Site #6
A complete retrofit of a 1940's bungalow with new insulation that takes the walls up to R40.
Site 18 18 Cloverdale Community League

Details of Site #18
Cloverdale started upgrading the hall in 2016 with insulation, windows, and upgraded furnaces, lights and hot water tanks. They capped off the project with a 19 kW solar array. Come and see the electric car show-and-shine.
Site 7 7 Bonnie Doon CHP Office

Details of Site #7
Off the electric grid in the City! This small office building will use solar, batteries, and a CHP unit to generate all their own power on site. See the finished office this year.
Site 19 19 Inglewood NZE Home

Details of Site #19
A new NZE home that used a new air sealing method to achieve a very tight building envelope.
Site 8 8 Charlesworth NZE Home

Details of Site #8
A new NZE home that is designed to be affordable. Has a large solar array to offset their annual usage including two planned electric vehicles.
Site 20 20 N Glenora Retrofit

Details of Site #20
This project took an older 1950's home, made it bigger, and then upgraded it to new efficiency levels.

Site 9 9 Chappelle CHP Home

Details of Site #9
This show home features a combined heat and power (CHP) generator that is the main source of heat. Combined with a solar array this home produces all of its own electricity annually.
Site 21 21 Belgravia Solar Church

Details of Site #21
This church has always had a perfect roof for solar. Last year they filled the roof with as much solar as their site could handle (27 kW) and took advantage of the Alberta Energy Efficiency rebates.
Site 10 10 Beaumont Home and Garden

Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #10
This home will feature a tour of their large permaculture garden while highlighting the energy upgrades and solar installation on the home. This home is in Beaumont and will be open earlier at 10 am.
Site 22 22 St. Albert NZE Home

St. Albert
Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #22
This home combines active and passive ingredients to achieve NZE and to have excellent Feng Shui. The home is in St. Albert and will be open earlier at 10 am.
Site 11 11 Good Note Farm

New Sarepta
Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #11
The Good Note Community Farm is where people gather to share music and grow food. Come and see the straw-bale home, solar array, and large gardens. This home is in the country south of New Sarepta and will be open earlier at 10 am.

Site 23 23 Spruce Grove NZE Home

Spruce Grove
Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #23
This new home is designed to show how NZE can be achieved on a less-than-optimal north-facing house lot. This home is in Spruce Grove and will be open earlier at 10 am.

Site 12 12 Morinville Home

Open Early at 10am

Details of Site #12
This builder has developed a new, highly-insulated, building block. Come out and see the efficient home they have built with this interesting new construction technique. This home is just south of Morinville and will be open earlier at 10 am.

Site 24 24 Nojack Off-Grid Straw-Bale Home

Open Early at 9 am

Details of Site #24
This unique round home is built from straw bales and is off-grid featuring solar, batteries, and a stand-by generator. This home is in the country 1.5 hours west of Edmonton near Nojack and will be open from 9 am until 4:30 pm to give people a chance to drive out and see it.