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Jun 5&6

The Eco-Solar Home Tour

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Edmonton Virtual Home Tour

This year we are holding a virtual tour. You will find the zoom link on our home page on tour day. Each home will be featured for 40 minutes. There will be a short presentation on the home followed by a question period with the homeowners. The times for the homes are listed in the table below. If there is a particular home you would like to see you will need to tune in during the time shown for the home.

Saturday 5 June 2021
Noon to 5:40 pm

Sunday 6 June 2021
Noon to 5:40 pm

Site 1 1 Nojack Off-Grid
12:20 to 1:00 Jun 5
Details of Site #1
This round, straw-bale, off-grid home is definitely worth the trip to see.

Site 9 9 Fraser NZE
12:20 to 1:00 Jun 6
Details of Site #9
This large NZE home is situated on the river valley with a great view. Beautifully finished and includes a Tesla car and charging station.
Site 2 2 Drayton Valley NZE Retrofit
1:00 to 1:40 Jun 5
Details of Site #2
This home uses a new process to add straw-bale R50 insulation to an existing home. This is a comprehensive retrofit.
                  Video Interview
Site 10 10 Cromdale NZE Retrofit
1:00 to 1:40 Jun 6
Details of Site #10
This house was originally built in 1936 and has been significantly updated. There is also enough solar to offset all their annual usage.
                  Video Interview
Site 3 3 Keswick Solar
1:40 to 2:20 Jun 5
Details of Site #3
Large energy-efficient home with a river valley view, barrier-free design for aging in place with an elevator and a large in-law suite.
                  Video Interview
Site 11 11 Sundance Retrofit
1:40 to 2:20 Jun 6
Details of Site #11
An interesting new technology where a scan is taken of the exterior of an older home and then new prefabricated insulated panels are added. Will be showing the progress of the upgrades at the Sundance Coop.
                  Video Interview
Site 4 4 Langdale NZE
2:20 to 3:00 Jun 5
Details of Site #4
These homeowners saw NZE homes on our tour and went out and built one themselves. They now have years of data available to illustrate the performance of their home.
                  Video Interview
Site 12 12 Ritchie Sea Can Home
2:20 to 3:00 Jun 6
Details of Site #12
This home is factory-built from steel shipping containers and assembled on site.
Site 5 5 Woodhaven NZE
3:00 to 3:40 Jun 5
Details of Site #5
This home shows the latest air sealing, insulation, solar, and heat pump technology intergrated together to produce a certified NZE home.
                  Video Interview
Site 13 13 Creekwood NZE
3:00 to 3:40 Jun 6
Details of Site #13
The owner of this NZE home will be showing the features of the home and on how to grow more of your own food in the garden and in the kitchen with a special cultivator.
                  Video Tour
Site 6 6 Belgravia NZE
3:40 to 4:20 Jun 5
Details of Site #6
Essentially a four-plex on a corner lot. The home looks like a single two-storey home while providing NZE living for four households.
                  Video Interview
Site 14 14 Beaumont Urban Farm
3:40 to 4:20 Jun 6
Details of Site #14
Features a tour of their large permaculture garden while highlighting the energy upgrades and solar installation on the home.
                  Video Interview

Site 7 7 Blatchford
4:20 to 5:00 Jun 5
Details of Site #7
One of the first NZE homes to be developed in Blatchford. See how this home connects to the district heating system.
Site 15 15 Beaumont NZE
4:20 to 5:00 Jun 6
Details of Site #15
Beautiful NZE home on an acreage, next to a scenic wetland, with a large organic garden and greenhouse. Features a unique rainwater collection system that feeds toilets and showers.
                  Video Interview
Site 8 8 Prince Charles NZE Triplex
5:00 to 5:40 Jun 5
Details of Site #8
This triplex has three homes that are all NZE. This development was one of the first homes to demonstrate that a NZE home could be built at very close to market price.
Site 16 16 Strathcona County NZE
5:00 to 5:40 Jun 6
Details of Site #16
NZE acreage home with large solar array and battery storage. Well insulated with ICF forms for the basement.