Volunteer with us!

Volunteer With Us!

We are looking for volunteers to help out on the Eco-Solar Home tour this year. Most of our volunteers help us move people through the homes, count how many come to each home, tell people about the prize draw, and direct our guests to the next home on the tour. All levels of experience are welcome.

What does it take to volunteer on the Eco-Solar Home tour?
  • Start by signing up for our Volunteer list at this link
  • You need attend one of our two introductory sessions:
    • Monday May 28th at 7 pm (location TBA)
    • Thursday May 31 at 7 pm at 13820-109A Ave (Site 5)
    • The introductory session is followed by an optional tour of that home/site
  • We need you need to show up at the home you are assigned to on tour day at 11 am
  • We need you need to spend 5.5 hours at this home on tour day
    • A sandwich tray will be available on site for lunch
  • There is an optional "after party" on June 11 at The Pint South (104 St and 81 Ave)

Joy was a greeter on the 2017 tour.It starts with a volunteer orientation on either Mon May 28 or Thu May 31 at 7 pm. Here we will spend an hour letting people know what to expect on tour day and matching up the volunteers with the homes of the tour. After that meeting there will be a guided tour of the home. This briefing lets you meet some of the other volunteers and homeowners. It also gives you a chance to see another home of the tour.

Then there are two tour days on Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd. Normally volunteers would help out on only one tour day. Volunteers would need to be at the home at least an hour before the tour to help the homeowner set up and to find out more about the home.

There is lunch provided to all homeowners and volunteers on tour day. We ask that volunteers arrive at the home by 11 so that they can meet the homeowners, learn about the home, and to eat before the tour starts at noon. We provide a sandwich platter to each home which will include some vegetarian sandwiches but volunteers need to let us know if they have any food allergies.

Most homes on the tour are open from noon until 4:30 pm (site 11 outside the City starts earlier at 10 am and runs to 4:30). Volunteers need to be able to help during this period when the home is open. We are expecting a large amount of people this year so be prepared to be busy the entire time that the home is open. You should expect to be on your feet for these 4 1/2 hours. If you can't stand for this period you may want to bring a folding chair. At 4:30 pm the open house hours are over and volunteers may be asked by the homeowners to help put some of the materials away.

After the tour there is a volunteer and homeowner get-together at The Pint South (SW corner of 104 St and 81 Ave) at 7 pm on Monday Jun 11th. At this get-together we hope to get feedback from all the volunteers and homeowners on how the tour went and what we can do better on our next tour. Snacks and refreshments will be provided at this after-party.

Volunteering with the Eco-Solar Home tour is a great chance to meet homeowners and builders who are building the best energy efficient homes in Edmonton. If you would like to volunteer please sign up now!

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