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Lethbridge Home Tour Pictures 2023

This page has pictures of the 2023 Lethbridge home tour. There are five pictures per home.
Scroll down to see the pictures from each home. It may take a moment for pictures to load.
Details of these homes will be on the Lethbridge page until February 2024.

Here are the links to the 2023 Calgary and Edmonton tour pictures.

We also encourage you to view our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

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Site 1 The Village of Stirling

1a The Village of Stirling has become a net-zero (electric) Village.
1b There are two large ground-mount solar systems in the Village utility yard.
1c The Village pool has solar thermal collectors and updated its boilers for more efficient operation.
1d They added solar to most municipal buildings. Here you see solar on the community centre and fire hall.
1e The mayor of Stirling told the story of how they did it.

Site 2 Lethbridge County NZE Home

2a Lovely acreage home that is fully net-zero energy.
2b Beautiful interior design with high ceilings and interesting balcony.
2c Kitchen and dining area. The balcony above leads to the master bedroom.
2d The homeowner, Rudy, explaining his ground source heat pump heating and cooling system.
2e The heat pump unit in the home. Heat is drawn from a series of pipes underneath a large pond outside and is then distributed with forced air and hydronic systems.

Site 3 Agnes Davidson Retrofit Home

An older home that has been upgraded with solar and other features.
3b The standout feature of this home is the beautiful garden.
3c There is a large garden area to grow food and each plant is irrigated with a drip irrigation system on a timer.
3d The homeowner, Mark, describing the features of the home with the help of posters on the garage.
3e The solar system on the roof. The roof is painted white to reduce the heat in the home. Still hot enough to grow peppers in pots (they have their own drip line).

Site 4 The Crossings NZE(1) Home

4a Front of home showing a near perfect shading overhang for a summer day. This home relies on passive solar for much of its heating.
4b The home was built for a similar price to a code-built home but is significantly more efficient.
4c Large south-facing windows allow heat to warm the space in the winter while the overhangs prevent overheating in the summer.
4d The homeowner, Brian, was on hand to explain the features of the home and show pictures of construction.
4e The garage has a roof angled for the addition of more solar in the future (if needed).

Site 5 The Crossings NZE(2) Home

A unique feature of this home is the vertical wall of solar modules. These modules produce throughout the winter.
5b Note the shading of the windows which prevents overheating in the summer while letting the sun heat the space in winter.
5c The main living room has a great view of the sports fields to the south.
5d The kitchen. This home is so efficient that it is heated with simple baseboard heaters.
There is also a garage suite in the back which is a rental property. Very interesting shape to deal with the unusual lot shape.

Site 6 The Crossings NZE(3) Home

6a The newest NZE home on this block gets it heat from a geothermal heating and cooling system.
6b The main floor will be a suite for the homeowner with a family member living in the basement.
6c Nice view to the sports fields to the south.
6d The master bathroom features an infra-red sauna and barrier free shower.
6e Part of an aging-in-place plan has the garage and rear entrance at grade with the first floor of the home.

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Here are the links to the 2023 Calgary and Edmonton tour pictures.
You can also see our 2021 virtual tour videos on the Videos and Definitions page.

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