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June 2022

The Eco-Solar Home Tour

The 2022 Eco-Solar Home Tour

Edmonton June 4&5; Calgary June 11&12; Lethbridge June 18; Canmore June 25

FREE TOUR of energy-efficient and solar homes! The 2022 Eco-Solar Home Tour is ready for 2022. This year we are adding Canmore to our tour; welcome homeowners and visitors in Canmore! This year we are back in-person with 35 homes in 4 cities for you to see. Our tour shows you what homeowners are accomplishing now with energy-efficient technologies and practices. A number of our homeowners have taken advantage of the federal Greener Homes Grant program and some have received rebates from Edmonton's solar program. The tour will give you a chance to talk to homeowners and hear about their experiences with the latest energy-efficient technologies. There are some terrific homes this year. Check out this year's homes on the following pages and then come and see the tour in June!

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2021 Virtual Home Tour Videos
The 2021 Eco-Solar Home Tour ran a virtual tour of 31 homes in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge over 5 days. Each home is featured for 40 minutes starting with an overview and followed by a question period with the homeowner. On our Videos & Definitions page you can choose to watch videos of one or more homes. If you can't get out to our homes in person then watch our video tours.

Tour Information

Interesting new homes

What will I see on the tour?

What interests you? Solar electricity or energy efficiency? Heat pump heating or permaculture landscaping? Retrofit or new construction? The Tour will have homes that showcase some of Edmonton, Calgary, Canmore, and Lethbridge's best examples of energy-efficient ideas to discover how you can take steps to reduce your gas, electricity and water use, save money, and lower your environmental footprint!

Net-Zero Energy

So what is this Net-Zero Energy (NZE) home that is featured on the tour? We define it as a home that generates as much energy as it consumes in a year. Here is our definition and here is a video to explain. Of course, for various reasons, not everyone can get all the way to an NZE home. Our tour features many other homes where energy efficient technologies are demonstrated. Whether you are looking for a little or a lot of energy efficiency our tour has many examples that you can take away and use on your own home.

Isn't this just about Solar Panels?

How about a garage suite? No! Solar electric technologies are just one aspect of making a home energy efficient. The homes on our tour feature many other ideas from new lighting, water efficiency, improved insulation and windows, efficient landscaping, permaculture, electric vehicles, carbon footprint reduction ideas, and many more!

Who should come?

Whether you are building or renovating; doing your research; or just about to make a big decision; for a homeowner, builder, design professional, trades worker or student; the Eco-Solar Home Tour will help provide you with information to make your home and lifestyle more sustainable.

Where is the tour?

Click on the EDMONTON HOMES, CALGARY HOMES, CANMORE HOMES, or LETHBRIDGE HOMES pages to find details of the sites and the technologies that are being featured on the Tour. Addresses and Maps will be published about one month before the tour so that you can see where the homes are and plan your visits on the tour days.

How do I get there?

Make sure you check the maps that are posted one month before the tour. Each day will have different homes to visit so plan your visit carefully. Homes that outside of the cities will normally be open earlier in the day so you can visit those before the main tour times. To get to the homes you make your own way from site to site. You can cycle, walk, take transit, carpool, or take your own vehicle to any of the sites. Sometimes we are able to organize bike tours and those will be announced on this web site if available.

What does it cost?

Through the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers the Eco-Solar Home Tour is absolutely free! Simply go to the EDMONTON HOMES, CALGARY HOMES, CANMORE HOMES, or LETHBRIDGE HOMES pages and pick the homes you want to see. Then on the tour day visit the homes during their scheduled open hours. You do not need to register in advance for the tour.

How Can I Support the Tour ?

All types of homes, buildings, and even gardens are on the tour!We are always looking for volunteers to help on tour day or to help with the organizing from now until tour day. You could also sponsor the tour - see our sponsors page for details. Please email us at "hometour (at) ecosolar (dot) ca" if you would like to help.

Finally you can help us by getting the word out. Follow us on Facebook at Eco-Solar Tour Edmonton or Eco-Solar Tour Calgary. Follow our partners on Facebook at the Biosphere Institute in Canmore, and the Lethbridge Net Zero Home. Get the tour listed in your community newsletter, bring it up at your church or association meetings, organize your scout/guide group to come and see the tour, and make sure you talk about the tour where you work. Whatever you can do will help us show Edmonton, Calgary, Canmore, and Lethbridge that energy efficiency is something that everyone can do!

There has never been a more compelling time to shrink our ecological footprint.
Come and see how you can take action with your own home!